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A-Z List of Liberia Youth CSO Directory

A-Z List of Youth CSO in Liberia


Activista is a global youth network using creative and global campaigning to mobilize young people around issues like tax justice, land grabbing and making cities safe for women and girls. The Activista network is hosted by ActionAid, but the driving force is thousands of volunteers in over 20 countries.

Advocacy Network International Inc.

Advocacy Network International Inc. is a Not-For-Profit, none Governmental Humanitarian organization established in 2020 with the aim of Championing human rights advancement in all spheres of the world, advocate for the rights of women and children, promote human skills and capacity building, advocate for the elimination of all forms of discrimination, disparities, and suppression of all persons, establish and manage academic and vocational schools on charity basis, engage in sexual and reproductive health, Family Planning, Maternal & Child Health, Mental Health, Counseling, Immunization, HIV & AIDS, Tuberculosis-TB, Sexual Transmitted Diseases and other infectious diseases awareness, advocate for gender equality and mainstreaming, women participation in national governance and development, equal employment, Science and Technology and professional career development.

Child Care Inc.

Child Care is a non-profitable charity NGO based in Liberia, which seeks to give children a better future by impacting the present. Child Care started in 2019 by Mr. Pewu M. Willie and Ms. Joelyne T. Kerneah.

Initiatives for Youth & Children Advancement (I-YOCA)

I-YOCA. is a Youth-led nongovernmental organization formed in Liberia 2018 by young Activist Amb. Emmett K-Max Paye who realized that an integral component of a happy family and a nation is through acquiring quality education.

Institute for Democratic Action & Development (IDAD)

The Institute for Democratic Action & Development (IDAD) is an independent, not-for-profit policy research and advocacy organization with the goal to promote Natural Resource Governance, democratic governance and health awareness and advocacy in Liberia. It is a Liberian policy advocacy organization that seeks to channel voices of Liberian citizens through community’s dialogues and advocacy.

Kukatonon (We Are One) Liberia

KUKATONON-LIBERIA is a registered non-for-profit Civil Society Organization (CSO) established October 10, 2010 in Liberia. KUKATONON-LIBERIA has since its establishment in 2010, been in the vanguard of campaigning for Social Justice, Equality, Democratic tenets in full adherence to the rule of law and Economic Viability throughout the bailiwick of Liberia.

Learning Initiatives For Education (LIFE Liberia)

LIFE Liberia is a civil society organization established in November 2013, to engage in training trainers of trainers for job opportunities and creating public awareness using information communication technology resources. Life Liberia is working to ensure a vibrant and ill free Liberian society where everyone will lawfully and equally participate in and benefit from their best decisions and activities. LIFE Liberia is dedicated to a lively Liberian society by developing the minds and strengthening the roles of Liberians through Information Communication Technology that will promote basic human rights, peace, economic, security and social justice.

Liberia Youth Foundation

Liberia Youth Foundation is a non-profit empowerment organization. We Focus on Education, Peace and Entrepreneurship, children and Youth capacity Building for Better Society.

Potential Leaders for Sustainable Future

Potential Leaders for sustainable Future. It is a national youth led organization based in Logan Own. We serve humanity with the quest of discovering the potentials of young people through education, elevating and empowering young people for self-sustainability.

United Youth Social Symposium for Education and Development

The United Youth Social Symposium for Education and Development was founded in 2010, registered and accredited in September 2012. The organization aims to assist in responding to the numerous challenges (i.e. social, economic, etc.) facing Liberian youth and communities. The Vision of UYSSED is: Proactive, trained, and innovative young people positively influencing the functioning of a wholesome society marked by socio-economic entrepreneurship, volunteerism, good governance, dignity of labor, and the demonstration of authentic leadership qualities.

Youth Bridge Inc.

Youth Bridge Inc. is a registered non-profit advocacy organization operating in Liberia. The organization deploys people centered-collective approach to achieve its mandate. YOUTH BRIDGE focuses its programs on Health, Governance and Advocacy & Research.
The organization is managed by both the advisory board the management team. Youth Bridge has implemented projects for United Nations/International Telecommunication Union-Geneva, Foundation for a Smoke-free World, Rock Flower Partners-USA, SeedMoney-USA, Inroads-USA, ActionAid International-Liberia, World Literacy Foundation, Liberia Strategic Analysis/USAID and the Government of Liberia.

Youth Development Services (YDS) Inc.

Youth Development Service is a registered Non-governmental, non for profit and non-political organizationestablished January 25, 2010 with the aim to build conscience minds of the youthful population in urban and rural Liberia.